Translucent White Tumbling Blocks Bowl

Translucent White Tumbling Blocks Bowls are made from more then 200 individual glass diamond shapes that have been hand cut from sheets of translucent white which looks almost clear until fired in the glass kiln, this is where the white colour strikes and becomes less transparent clear glass is also used to create the depth of colour and the illusion of three dimensional squares in the final design.

Once the design has been laid into the geometric pattern, its placed onto a kiln shelf and fired in a glass kiln to temperatures around 800 degree celsius after the firing it creates a flat glass sheet where all the individual diamond shapes are fused together.

Then the sheet is cut into a disc which will become the main part of the bowl

Before the bowl can be fired again the disc needs to be cold worked this is where you used a flat bed grinding machine to remove the rough and sharpe edges, this take some time as you need to work from a course diamond disc to a finer disc creating a crisp smooth edge.


After the flat bed grinder i then need to use a wet belt grinder to work the edge of the glass further to remove the fine scratches again this is done from a fine to a very fine diamond belt then a cork belt is used to polish the edges.


After the cold working is complete the disc is ready to be fired once again this is called the slumping stage where the disc is placed over a ceramic mould and slowly heated at a lower temperature just enough so the glass bends and starts to sag with gravity and slowly take the form of the ceramic mould underneath. The mould needs to be coated with a release agent so the hot glass does not stick to the ceramic mould.

A quick glimpse into the kiln to see the bowl taking its form, just long enough to take a quick snap if you where to look for a longer time you may corse stress in the glass, which in time would surely break.


The final piece Translucent White Tumbling Blocks Bowl, this is one of my more complicated designs due to the colour of the glass before the piece is fired one small miss placed diamond out of more than 200 when laying out the design can mess up the geometric pattern and spoil the visual effect of three dimensional cubes.


_38E7433N collins Tumbling Blocks White Bowl.JPG