Hour Glass Design

From the initial fusing of two 3mm sheets of glass to create a 6mm sheet of black then the same to create a 6mm sheet of white.

 Through to the cutting with the water jet cutter showing the detailed CAD drawings in which the water jet cutter follows. The Cad drawing is developed using adobe illustrator. and depending on the complexity of the design can take hours to draw.

The water jet cutter is able to cut fine strands of glass around 5mm and less, which is impossible without this machine. Once cut the strands are clean to a void devitrification they are laid onto a kiln shelf and then fired a temperatures around 800 degree celsius.

 It takes just under 2 days to reach the top temperature and then cool to room temperature, to fuse all the individual strands together. Again once fired the sheet is cut into a square around 50cm x 50cm cold worked to give a soft edge.

After this the glass sheet is placed over a ceramic slumping mould and fired at lower temperatures around 650 degree Celsius to heat the glass to the point in which the glass becomes soft enough for gravity to sag the glass which will follow the ceramic mould to form the final design.