WAVES solid opaque Black and White platter

Nicholas Collins launched his studio in 2014 to explore contemporary glass with a theme of optical illusion he creates bowls and platters that are design as functional works of art
these table top designs are created using waterjet cutting which is part of the process which is used in industrial manufacturing technology. the Cutter uses high pressure water and sand to cut through glass using a auto CAD drawing. His work is than combined with the age old craft process of kiln forming glass that dates back as far as the Egyptian period.
His aim is to create functional pieces that play with the viewer to create an optical effect ,and the mesmerising sensation of movement.
Not dissimilar to Bridget Riley's 1960s optical paintings and the way she designated monochromatic works that move and flicker with the eye and trick the eye to see colour in areas that are not there just like magic.

These effects hold Nicholas's attention and the time is ready to be re explored through functional glass works.